Chris Nordin Studios

Chris Nordin Studios

Chris Nordin Studios, a quaint and eclectic mom-and-pop art gallery tucked in the corner of South 4th Ave and East Ann Street in the vibrant Ann Arbor, Michigan, is on the prowl as an up-and-coming gallery in the surrounding Detroit community. Here you can find local artists in the Ann Arbor community spreading their love of art from their diverse houses in their communities full of color. The last opening on June 30 included seven various artists, not to mention the gallerist himself, Chris. A glass blower by profession, he recently opened a gallery with a multitude of mediums, including paper drawings, photo-realistic portraits and landscapes, as well as glass sculptures. This gallery has absolutely everything for all types of art lovers. Let's take a look at some of the amazing work in the gallery:

Whether you’re from a small lake town in Michigan, Lake Tahoe, or Lake Placid, the ideal image of a bright sunny day, a boat waiting at the dock, evokes the senses that place you in a summer breeze, smelling the fresh water and sunscreen looming in the air. This beautiful, photo-realistic piece by Claudia Burns is a breathtaking addition to Chris Nordin’s collection, and it symbolizes the purity of Michigan in the summertime—how she paints the bright UV rays refracting off of the cool waves in the water. It’s masterful yet extremely casual.


In addition to the photo-realism portrayed in the gallery, you can also come to see the simplicities of art and the creation of a tribal and very primary aspect of humanity. In Summer Opus by David Hile, he poses a perfect juxtaposition of work within Chris Nordin Studios. Characterized as graphite, white charcoal, and terracotta pastel on Lokta paper, guests will see the rawness of human interaction in nature. Something so simple yet psychologically complex is hard to find in a small gallery.


Summer Opus by David Hile.

The star of the show is Chris Nordin himself. In his gallery he shows his immense technicality and mastery of balance in his glass work. As a professional glassblower, Chris has taken the task of creating unique pieces such as the one pictured in the middle. Glass is delicate and hard to work with, yet the complexity of the stack paired with the wooden frame gives the gallery a rustic yet clean feel, making the studio feel like home.


Along with glassblowing, the Nordin family has many talents. Seen here is a metal sculpture completed by Chris’ brother Israel Nordin. Able to spin on its axis, this metal piece alludes to the many talents seen in the gallery.


Lastly, Chris Nordin gives his gallery an extra ‘oomph’ through his Venetian glass blowing work, the ultimate test of technique and patience—something very hard to master in any genre and medium of art. These pieces are modeled after Italian opulence during the 16th and 17th centuries. Traditionally Venetian glasses were used as drinking glasses, but Chris Nordin spins this idea on its head to produce it as usable art.

Opening in May of this year, Chris Nordin Studios represents the rebirth of in-person art gatherings on a small scale. So whether deciding to visit a single-owned gallery or Art Basel, make sure to be on the lookout for much more from Chris Nordin. While new to the art gallery scene, Chris is an experienced artist. That being said, mastering technique is imperative to his success and the progression of his artists. Similar to the necessity of technique mastery, balance is of the utmost importance. Chris implements the balance of multimedia spread throughout the gallery itself. All of these are what make Chris Nordin Studios an unintentionally muted salon with hidden gems wedges around every corner.

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