Dear Readers,

I’m Rebecca, the founder, CEO, and publisher here at ArtRKL. I grew up in a world encompassed by art. Rather than existing alongside the art, I’ve embarked on the pursuit of embracing the conceptual and revealing the individual perception. Each day I have a new definition of what “art” truly means, and as the most subjective field, the ideals that the creative arts instill are substantially individual. Thus, I’ve created ArtRKL as an educational and imaginative platform that functions as a source of content written by creatives, about creatives, for creatives.

Unique to ArtRKL are the highly conceptual pieces as well, as writers reimagine art history by analyzing the present and anticipating the future. We value autonomy, the truth, and access. ArtRKL is a platform where you will find creative stories and hard news articles that enrapture the light of the past, present, and hereafter. But mostly, we embody everything in-between, cultivating the unknown.

Welcome to ArtRKL.