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This exhibition unites the unique styles of artists exploring the relationship between art and life through their distinct expressions.

André Lhote (1885-1962), Les Rugbymen, circa 1917 (detail). © André Lhote, DACS 2023

Rosella Parra


Cubism, a 20th-century art form, featured abstract and avant-garde styles as seen in the works of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and André Lhote.

“The Wonderland - Porcelain” by DodoChang. Photo courtesy of DodoChang on Instagram.

Lily Frye

5 Potters You Need to Follow on Instagram

Discover 5 potters to follow on Instagram, from whimsical designs to unique plant pots, adding artistic flair to your feed and home.

Carlos Martiel, Ciudad via artist website

Jesslyn Low

Bury Yourself in Art

Artists have explored being buried alive, merging discomfort and fear into their art. From Keith Arnatt to Mike Parr, discover their intense works.


Madelyn Kenney

Indigenous Arts and Culture

"To Take Shape and Meaning" at NC Museum of Art showcases works of 75 Indigenous artists, celebrating resilience and cultural visibility.

Voguing at Masquerade Ball, 2016, S Pakhrin from DC, USA, CC BY 2.0 _https_creativecommons.org_licenses_by_2.0_, via Wikimedia Commons

Louise Irpino

The History of Voguing

Voguing is an expressive dance style rooted in 1960s Harlem's ballroom scene, blending fashion, art, and BIPOC and LGBTQ+ cultures, popularized by Madonna.

Jasper Johns, Three Flags via the Whitney Museum of American Art

Emma Segrest

Patriotism in Art

Nationalism prioritizes a country's interests, while patriotism is diverse love and pride celebrated in art, reflecting America's unity.

LOVE BRAND & Co. Partners with Elephant Family USA as the Official Retail Partner of 'The Great Elephant Migration' 2024


LOVE BRAND & Co. Partners with Elephant Family ...

LOVE BRAND & Co. partners with Elephant Family USA as the official retail partner for "The Great Elephant Migration" 2024 for global conservation.

Sacha Jafri working on the world's largest painting at 17,000 square feet, Pyong Sumaria, 2020 via Art News; Sold for $62 million in 2021

Madelyn Kenney

Art and Scale

Artists choose canvas sizes to showcase their skills; large works like murals or Pollock's convey powerful messages and techniques.

Johnathan Yeo's portrait of King Charles after the unveiling via Smithsonian Mag; Aaron Chown-WPA Pool / Getty Images

Louise Irpino

What Exactly Is Going on with King Charles' Por...

King Charles' royal portrait, criticized for its bold style, faced further scrutiny after animal rights activists vandalized it, sparking widespread debate.