Marc Chagall wedding

Taylor Hunt

Weddings in Art History

Explore the rich tapestry of weddings in art history, from Renaissance masterpieces to modern depictions. This article delves into the symbolism, traditions, and cultural shifts reflected in artistic representations of...

The Battle of Amazon and Centaurs by Georgy Kurasov, 2013, image courtesy of GK studio

Emma Segrest

Art History Feuds: Michelangelo and Leonardo Da...

Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci had one of the greatest artistic feuds of all time that went on to inspire artists such as Georgy Kurasov.

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Jesslyn Low

History of Menstrual Blood in Art

Menstruation is a normal biological process but throughout history, it has been a topic shrouded in shame. Since the 1980s, feminist artists have worked together to create art that aids...

Zodiac symbols graphic courtesy of Guru Lex

Emma Segrest

Zodiac Signs as Buildings

Each zodiac sign has an influential building that represents it. Read to see which famous building you are according to your zodiac sign.


Madelyn Kenney

Gilbert Rohde

Gilbert Rohde was one of the early founders of the Midcentury Modern style. From his office lines with Herman Miller to his home collections, Rohde revolutionized what it means to...

Starlinc NYC

Emma Livingston

Who is Starlinc? And What Are People Wearing i...

Over the years, New York City street fashion has increasingly become a huge influence on pop culture clothing trends. These days it's constantly being documented. Whether it's by paparazzi, fashion...

Broken Eggs, 1756

Lily Frye

Eggcellent Art: Egg Symbolism in Art History

Aside from cultural and religious traditions valuing the egg, artists caught onto this symbolism and implemented eggs into their paintings as early as the 15th century. Film directors then followed,...

The Sea Maidens

Rosella Parra

Mermaids in Classical Art History

We’ve always been fascinated by mermaids, who are majestic, mysterious, and beautiful creatures in the sea, but little are we aware of how different their representation is in classical art...


Jesslyn Low

Paintings in Horror Films

Are you a lover of art? How about horror movies? Those who find themselves at this intersection will be happy to know that there are many films that combine these...

courtesy of Psychology Magazine

Lily Frye

Art Therapy

Art is a personal, subjective activity. It’s used as a creative outlet for those needing to express emotion. Art therapy is an excellent tool for those struggling with mental illness...