Exhibitions to Visit During Miami Art Week Through 2023


Miami Art Week is an annual celebration of events hosted across Miami featuring over 20 art fairs, over 1,200 galleries and thousands of artists. The must-see exhibitions to visit during Miami Art Week 2022 and presented throughout 2023 are Liminal by Leandro Erlich at the Pérez Art Museum, The Harvesters by Jamilah Sabur at The Bass, Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè by Didier William at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Big Butch Energy by Nina Chanel Abney at the Institute of Contemporary Art. The exhibitions are featured below with details about the artists and their work spanning decades.

Leandro Erlich: Liminal, Pérez Art Museum Miami, until 4 Sept. 2023

Artist Leandro Erlich poses with his interactive artificial pool for the Liminal exhibit.


The Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) presents the work of conceptual Argentine artist Leandro Erlich, featuring 16 installments displaying his career spanning decades and serving as his first stateside survey. Since the late 1990s, Erlich has created sculptures and installations conveying architectural appearances of everyday functions as a visual paradox that defies the material world. Liminal features a series of simulations that reference ordinary spaces one may encounter during an average day, but contain optical illusions that conceal extraordinary qualities. The exhibit is presented at PAMM during Miami Art Week and will be available for viewing until September 4, 2023.


Jamilah Sabur: The Harvesters, The Bass, Miami Beach, until 30 April 2023

picture with text
One of Jamilah Sabur's pieces on exhibit at the Bass.

The Bass Contemporary Art Museum presents a solo exhibition of the interdisciplinary Jamaica-born, Brussels-based artist Jamilah Sabur in her exploration of mineral extractions as metaphors. Sabur explores the geology, climatology, geography, and memory with dynamics of power and capitalism as conveyed through various disciplines of performance, visual artwork, video, and installation. The Harvesters references the eponymous Pieter Bruegel painting from 1565 as a series of interconnected works confronting labor extraction, and expressing play and work as pivotal resources of physical movement. The exhibition is presented at The Bass during Miami Art Week and is available for public viewing until April 30, 2023.

Didier William: Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, until April 16, 2023

Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè by Didier William

Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè by Didier William is presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, featuring 40+ works across mixed media. Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè is the largest retrospective presentation of William’s career, conveyed through an in-depth display of the neighborhood he grew up in. The exhibit is curated by Erica Moiah James, Ph.D, featuring multiple mediums and paintings by the artist which represent correlations between painting and printmaking. Also included in the show is William’s first monumental sculpture of a 12 ft. tall wooden embodiment of a religious column present in Haitian worship rituals.

Nina Chanel Abney: Big Butch Energy, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, Nov. 28, 2022–Mar. 12, 2023

Big Butch Energy by Nina Chanel Abney

Big Butch Energy by Nina Chanel Abney is presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art, featuring paintings and sculptures which survey gender perception and performance. Abney expresses political and cultural realities by referencing techniques and styles of traditional graphic design and street art which integrate stylized, cubistic, and painterly symbols. The artist said, “Instead of just rewriting Greek life narratives with queer Black characters, I wanted to highlight the implicit flamboyance and homoeroticism of frat house and sorority house environments." Big Butch Energy is presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art during Miami Art Week and until April 30, 2023


The must-see art installations presented across Miami during Miami Art Week 2022 and available for viewing in 2023 also include satellite, art fairs, and pop-ups. Miami Art Week features investment-quality works, solo shows, and engaging installations presented by art galleries for collectors, curators, artists, and art enthusiasts to experience. Miami Art Week continues to be celebrated each year across Miami with public events, shows, and art fairs; including SCOPE Miami Beach, CONTEXT Art Miami, Design Miami, Untitled Art Miami Beach, Art Miami, and more. It's the perfect opportunity to discover compelling works in the contemporary and modern art movements.

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