Russell Moore

Religious Nationalism

Nationalism in religion manifests in ways that make it difficult to distinguish between practices and politics. Recognizing these differences becomes even more challenging when such art becomes interwoven with history...

Madelyn Kenney
Physical Suffering for Art

Physical Suffering for Art

Pain and suffering of the physical body have been topics explored by many artists.While pain is something that most of the world strives to avoid, there are some who embrace...

Jesslyn Low

What Is Considered Art

We know there is a large spectrum to what we deem art is. One of the most extraordinary things about art is that it can be interpreted in many different...

Lily Frye
The Lovers by Van Gogh

Art and Activism: The History of Van Gogh Vanda...

Only time will tell what happens to these artworks as a result, but one thing is for certain—the quality of a piece reflects its treatment throughout history. We will only...

Madelyn Kenney
Daniela Martén

Daniela Martén

Daniela Martén obtained her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica. Ever since she can remember, she’s had a strong connection with nature, whether that was helping...

Elizabeth Lang