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With a diaspora of knowledge and creativity, Abraham Yael has allowed for his passion to become evident with his influential art. As the digital world grows, so does the ability to create and recreate once traditional art forms. Abraham is a part of a generation that has access to timeless, historical pieces of art to appreciate and learn form, while also being able to revolutionize these same classic techniques and art forms in the new wave of digital media. This young artist and his work embodies a type of artistic expression that expands on its predecessor, but doesn’t neglect its importance. His pieces allow for the beautification of new and more dynamic pieces combined with the inspiration of art history and culture.

Digital artwork
Digital artwork
Abraham's digital artwork courtesy of artist

Abraham Yael is a Mexican digital artist who has taken his talents to Italy. He became enamored by the world of digital media and art at a mere age of 12. He reminisces of the time he bought his first creative gadget, the iPad 4. When it was released, he was ecstatic to make use of it and discovered the world of art through a very unique medium. This love for the digital world is what eventually led him to immerse himself into the world of NFTs. Due to his fascination with art, it was evident for him that he needed to take a challenge and study in Italy. For him, that was where art really developed and he wanted to learn not only from his lessons and professors, but also through the streets and museums he could venture through. He chose to study multimedia arts where he has had a chance to delve into many types of art forms, including sculpting, painting, drawing, cinematography, and digital art. With his newfound knowledge and heavy influence of Renaissance art, he has created compelling pieces that are inspired by his culture and his learning journey.

David Digital bloody
David reimagined

Both Mexico and Italy heavily influence the art he creates. Born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico, he was surrounded by colors and folklore. His country glorified the theme of death, which is something he carried into his art. In Mexico, there are holidays like El Dia de los Muertos, where families commemorate their deceased loved ones with their favorite foods and festive parties. In some of his pieces like The Death of Seneca and Amleth, this theme acts as the main message. Through skulls and moving elements, he goes beyond the common theme of death and really makes emphasis on resurrection and the celebration of life. The colorful vibes of his home town can also be observed in his most popular pieces, as they all blend well, creating a perfectly balanced piece. The city of Florence has influenced his art as it is shown through his Deities collection, where he chose to depict heroes of Greek Mythology like Hercules and Seneca and bring a new meaning to a traditional art form. The use of sculptures and architecture is evident in his art as well, and can be correlated to what he observes in his daily walks around Florence and in his visits to his favorite museums such as Musée Marino Marini and Galería de la Academia de Florencia. Apart from his inspirations, Abraham’s themes and messages are beautiful and clear. He speaks of the morality of men, the strength of humankind, and the unification of traditional and new art forms. You can visualize the traditional way of art in his work, but the added touches of modernity are what really make his art unique and inspiring. These messages have allowed his art to reach success and have intrigued people about what lies behind the masterful collections. Thus, Abraham has been invited to display his artwork in artistic cities like Miami and New York—the first cities of many who will get to see the beauty and intelligence behind what he depicts with his art.


Apart from being inspired by the city that he currently lives in, he also tries to convey the message that old and new art can coexist with one another. Many times, one appreciates the traditional form of art that is commemorated in museums and looks at digital art as being substandard. Abraham’s goal is to make both types of art forms be respected and revered as inspirational and luxurious. While he is still young, he is already off to a successful career with much success ahead of him. His plan is to showcase how one can be inspired by historical artworks and art forms and revolutionize them. He notes that the gap between the digital and the physical world can enhance art, not diminish it. He pledges to never forget where art comes from, its rich history and impact, and uses it to inspire and educate through what he does.

With the global reach of the digital world, more communities can be inspired and taught, and more parts of this world can be influenced by what art means and its purpose. This gap that used to exist that considered art to be for the rich and plentiful, is now smaller and allows for more people to experience art like Abraham’s. His online NFT gallery receives plenty of visitors who are interested in viewing art in a way that is different from how we viewed art in the past. A feat that should be celebrated. With artists like Abraham, we can expect to observe the world of art growing and evolving, allowing for more artists to be discovered and more viewers to be influenced by the powerful messages like these.

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