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Isabella Grippa is a singer-songwriter with a powerful stage presence and an even more welcoming persona. Isabella, who professionally goes by “GRIPPA,” is a senior in high school from Palm Beach, Florida, and is an emerging talent in the music industry. GRIPPA just back from LA writing and recording with recording artist Wendy Starland (who discovered and helped develop Lady Gaga). GRIPPA’s persona and music captivate audiences with her unique blend of electro-pop, but at the heart of her journey is a relentless pursuit of a distinct sound that sets her apart in the world of music

GRIPPA wearing a custom costume made by local fashion designer
GRIPPA wearing a custom costume made by local fashion designer
GRIPPA strikes a power pose

This quest began at the tender age of 13 when she traveled to New York with a producer to write music, a period she recalls as a pivotal trial-and-error process in discovering her musical identity. 

“People see me trying to pursue this dream, and they think it’s crazy,”

GRIPPA says of peer judgement.

Despite her growing career, GRIPPA strives to maintain a semblance of normalcy in high school, balancing her educational responsibilities with frequent trips to New York and Los Angeles for her music career. Her next chapter faces the academia versus career pursuit trope, which leaves fans wanting more and GRIPPA in the middle of a tug-of-war.

GRIPPA's artistic evolution has been significantly influenced by icons like Doja Cat and Lady Gaga, the latter holding a special place in her heart and artistry. Growing up with Gaga's music, thanks to her father's taste, she developed a deep appreciation for the pop legend's ability to transform every space she occupies into a performance. This influence is evident in her compelling approach to creating art, where she embodies "GRIPPA," a persona that transcends music to a form of performative art.


Facing the challenges of youth, her lyrics often delve into themes of heartbreak and emotional turmoil, drawing from personal experiences, including a long-term relationship that began in ninth grade.  This relationship, fraught with ups and downs, has been a rich source of inspiration for her music, which seamlessly applies to relationships at any age.

GRIPPA’s writing process is reflective and spontaneous. She draws inspiration from unique phrases she encounters, recording them on her phone for future reference. Collaborating with different producers has been instrumental in exploring various sounds, a journey toward finding the perfect amalgamation that resonates with her artistic vision.

Her latest album, "NEO-CHROME," is a testament to her growth as an artist. Described as empowering and fun, it reflects her desire to create uplifting music that transcends the melancholy often associated with breakups. GRIPPA's love for rock and proficiency in piano add layers to her performances, hinting at her diverse musical background, including theatre and being part of a rock band.

“I look to happy dance music when I’m sad. I wanted to move forward without this ‘sad vibe,’”

GRIPPA says of her artistic evolution with the upcoming release of “NEO-CHROME.”

IS THAT HER? cover art
IS THAT HER? Cover art

GRIPPA’s stage presence is as dynamic as her music, often characterized by bold colors and avant-garde fashion. Her interest in film and art, fostered through her academic pursuits, complements her music career, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of creative expression.

Influenced by the likes of Tate McRae and inspired by the concert experiences of artists like Ariana Grande, GRIPPA is more than just a musician; she is a multifaceted artist whose journey is only beginning.

GRIPPA is currently scheduled to be a guest on the famous Suki & Scott Show on January 12 (2024), which boasts millions of viewers. Watch GRIPPA live here and follow us along on Instagram to see updates on her appearance on the show. Her latest single, “SPACE COWBOY,” is a catchy and intriguing listen as an introduction to her music that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head in the best way possible.

At just 17 years old, GRIPPA  is pivotal in her career. She focuses on honing her musical craft and building a circle of people who share her vision and have her best interests at heart. With a primary audience ranging from 9 to 26 years old, she is poised to grow alongside her listeners, evolving together through the universal language of music.


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"GRIPPA brings a fresh perspective based on her experience growing up in an era of unpredictability. At just 17, GRIPPA broke into the music industry with her debut EP "IS THAT HER?" which garnered over a million streams on Spotify.


While her earlier work was characterized by lovesick ballads, the new GRIPPA has begun to evolve into a powerful force in dance pop music.  Her latest, "SPACE COWBOY," was recently released on January 5th as the third single from her upcoming full-length album "NEOCHROME”.


GRIPPA as an artist celebrates life's beauty while also exploring its harsh realities. Embracing the chaos of youth and the transformation of the ordinary into the unexpected.


From a colorful world of neon lights, hilarious memes, and an edgy attitude, GRIPPA is capable of shaking up your musical perception with a single note while still remaining grounded as a real person, and not a pedestaled diva."


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