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Koosha breathed deeply, gathering his thoughts. 

"It's about self-exploration and acceptance. I'm a huge proponent of understanding oneself, even if that means delving into uncomfortable situations or confronting ego death. Can you imagine a substance that, without harm, lets you explore dimensions of your psyche you never knew existed?"


I was intrigued. 

"You mean, like psychedelics?"


He nodded.

 “Exactly. Now, I'm advocating for only some people to dive headfirst. It's just that society's rigid perception of such substances irks me. Some of the most enlightening experiences I've had were while under the influence of substances like mushrooms or LSD. But, always, it comes back to being present. Whether in the midst of an unparalleled experience or just walking our daily path, we must stop, look around, and truly 'smell the roses,' you know?”

Koosha Azim Music Interview
Koosha Azim Music Interview. 

Art and music often stand as distinct disciplines, but in the life and times of Koosha Azim, these lines blend seamlessly into a single, harmonious narrative. A fascinating young talent, Koosha's journey offers an intriguing look into how societal pressures, familial influences, and personal explorations culminate in an artistic evolution. 

"I've always thrived outside of my comfort zone. It's as if I have this fire inside of me. When I think of the future, post-college, there's this haze of uncertainty. Yet, I know there's a moment awaiting where I'll have to go all in and give it my all, even if it feels like selling a part of my soul. But if and when I do, it will be with purpose."

Koosha Azim in Tainan, 2022.
Koosha Azim in Tainan, 2022. 
Koosha Azim in Taipei, 2022. Image courtesy of Koosha Azim
Koosha Azim in Taipei, 2022. 

At a fleeting glance, you might mistake Koosha for just another art student or budding musician. But dive more profound, and you'll find an intricate tapestry of experiences, emotions, and evolution. From being the "sketchbook kid" who doodled everywhere to world-building in his imaginary universe, creative pursuits dotted Koosha's childhood. His story also highlights the importance of family in nurturing talent.

Koosha's relationship with music mirrors the complexity of his persona. His early liaison with the piano and the cello paints a familiar picture of many children driven by enthusiastic parents. Over time, the rigidity of weekly lessons and performance pressures dimmed his enthusiasm. Yet, as he distanced himself from these instruments, the universe pulled him back towards his innate musicality, albeit in a new, contemporary form.

Slava Ukraini
Slava Ukraini
I come in peace, 2023. Image courtesy of https://kooshaazim.com/paintings/
I come in peace, 2023

Music became Koosha's refuge. For Koosha, music isn't just about tunes and lyrics. It's about capturing moments, be it the psychedelic adventures with friends in the Bay Area or the transformative experiences in Seoul. It's a manifestation of his soul's journey.

From the warm, comforting lanes of California to the bustling streets of Seoul, South Korea, Koosha’s journey has been nothing short of transformative. While the memories of his first semester's transition to South Korea remain etched in his mind, it's the "out of body" sensation he felt post-quarantine in Seoul that genuinely marked the turning point for him. That moment of stepping out, feeling the crisp air, and marveling at the sheer unpredictability of life represented a moment of rebirth.

Godspeed Said The Rain album cover art
Godspeed Said The Rain album cover art

Adding to this unfamiliar terrain were the whispers and doubts of peers: "Would Koosha survive his first time away from home?" For him, it wasn't just a change of scenery. It was his first time living independently, away from the comfort and security of his parents.

“Growing up, I always wanted to see that 'billionaire' tag next to my name. I mean, it sounds glamorous, doesn't it? But now, I ponder more on what I have than what I desire. My upbringing in the Bay Area was a privilege. It's crucial to recognize that while aiming for the stars, our feet are rooted in rich soil, gifted with love, memories, and invaluable moments."


But Seoul brought more than just challenges. It also heralded new beginnings in the form of a budding romance with a fellow student. Exploring Seoul, intertwined with the highs and lows of a new relationship, wasn't just a personal experience. It was the catalyst that ignited his music career.


Back home in California, Koosha was an artist of the traditional kind. Canvases, paints, and the comforting physical act of creating visual art were his constants. However, abroad, without these familiar tools, Koosha felt somewhat World-building art unsatisfying, a mere echo of the tactile connection he had with traditional mediums.

Koosha is inspired by the people, places, and conversations of early 2022 in Seoul, back to simpler times.

Taiwanese Freedom Landscape, 2022.
Taiwanese Freedom Landscape, 2022

“I knew I had to release these songs to satisfy all the nostalgia and memories. These tracks are experimental, raw, futuristic, and spacey - best heard alone or when creating some work of art. Imaginative sonic landscapes, not commercial music or intending to fit in any sort of box."

One of the most striking aspects of Koosha's story is his profound realism. His early aspirations revolved around diving into the tech world of Silicon Valley, guided by the allure of entrepreneurial success stories. Yet, it was only a short time before he realized the superficiality of chasing figures. Instead of being another pawn in a vast machine, Koosha decided to forge his unique path, driven by his passions.

Koosha's introduction to cryptocurrencies was more than a fleeting interest. His understanding of crypto, particularly NFTs (non-fungible tokens), since its nascent stages, was ahead of his time. While many jumped onto the crypto bandwagon during its peak, Koosha's early knowledge allowed him to understand and leverage the convergence of art and tech. 

Koosha reaffirmed his self-belief and confidence in crypto, NFTs, and AI (artificial intelligence). He speaks of his aspirations to create a lasting, unique album, emphasizing that he believes in his ability, even if it doesn't fit the market's current trends.

Persian Pirate, 2021, NFT
Persian Pirate, 2021, NFT

Koosha Azim stands as a testament to what the future of art and expression could look like. Through him, we see the possibilities that arise when we allow the worlds of art, technology, and self-exploration to collide. As he continues his journey, one can only watch in anticipation, knowing that with every step, he's painting a brighter, more vivid picture of tomorrow's artistic landscape. Koosha’s latest album, ‘Godspeed Said The Rain,’ will be released in the fall of 2023 but was initially released on his website on January 1, 2023.

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