Mattia Pannoni

Mattia Pannoni

Inspired by spirituality and the duality of the human consciousness, Mattia Pannoni brings light to human evolution and duplicity through his photography. Living in a medieval village towards the south of Italy, Mattia spent his childhood dwelling in the stunning forests and rich nature surrounding his town. This connection with nature inspired his theme behind the art he creates. His work transcends modern time and connects the past with the present, making the viewer aware that the primordial sense of connection to the earth we as humans once had is still prevalent deep down, even with the distractions of present day.

La Belle Verte
La Belle Verte, from Collatoral.aI
Overman, from Collatoral.aI

Many of his pieces fall heavily in the science fiction and dystopian themes. He states how the theory behind many of his pieces is the one that discusses how there are two dimensions within the human being. These two differ from each other, as one presents itself corporeally and the other one presents itself incorporeally. Through his otherworldly photographs and edits, he represents a world not too different from our own. Although many might see it as a world of the past for his primitive takes, he discusses how he is really showcasing a world that is parallel to our own. With his work, he also shows the evolution of humans and the problems we face today. The modern world and the way technology has evolved to the point where human spirituality has been lost is one of his key themes throughout his works of art.


Prior to discovering NFT’s and the beauty of crypto art, he delved into painting and other mediums. He found his true calling during the pandemic and the rise of art juxtaposed with technology. His future vision molded into his new career goals, and that included a bigger message of what he wanted to portray in his photos. He was studying in the Nuove Arti Digitali located in Rome when he left and became passionate about crypto art. He first heard about NFTs in the gruesome height of the pandemic in March of 2021. Beginning his work as a content creator, he has seen his art mature and grow to what it is today. This up-and-coming artist has found his calling with a very distinct and important message of spirituality and consciousness.


What started as a dream in a dark room surrounded by green vegetation has turned into a life-changing art form. Mattia Pannoni’s art is expected to be exhibited in New York City’s own Times Square and in Miami’s culturally rich and art focused Art Basel. His European roots are evident, but today he has taken the international field by storm. His collectors come from all over the world, including America and Canada. An achievement that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Mattia reminisces on the first piece that brought him out of his personal space and into an international sphere called, “Primordial Humanity.” This piece is filled with anguish and is one of his most primitive photos. His point was to demonstrate one of humanity’s biggest fears and anguishes—the unpredictability of the world we live in. He showcases a stunning work of art that he mentions is all based on how humans showcase their emotions and their rationality. To this day, this fear of the unknown is a keystone characteristic of the human mind and nature. The rising technology is a causality of this fear. During the beginning of times, humans would always find defense mechanisms to protect themselves and their surroundings of the unknown. Although the times have changed and technology has created a way to be more aware of reality, the unknown is still a very valid fear that when not unveiled, creates anguish and guilt in the human mind.


One of the unifying elements that connects his work is the artifact that is depicted in many of the individuals he photographs. A bright circle that he links to the center of the human, their mind, and consequently their power. This symbolizes the “Principle”, where everything comes from and thus returns to at any given point in time. The center point also depicts the Sun, which is the center of our humanity as well, and the heat that is associated with it that always brings out themes of love, light, and truth.

The piece that will be displayed in Miami and New York is one he considers to be his best work yet, “Utican.” When asked where this place was, he explained that it belonged in his mind. It was an idea of a place rather than a tactile place where one can go and live in. It refers to a state of mind and becoming a resident of this town where the past is not relevant. “Utican” is meant to be a metaphor for this moment in this life that you’re currently living and experimenting with. It is supposed to be a place of celebration where there is nothing that one needs, other than their happiness and self-tranquility.


His work will continue to evolve, and Miami and New York are the first cities out of the many that will be lucky enough to see his evocative and thoughtful pieces. His message has been clear since the beginning and will continue to relate to this circle of life that we find ourselves in. This innate fear of the unknown and how the Earth will continue to remain the same and it us as humans that make living harder than it is. He will continue spreading peace and connectivity through his pieces, and showcase the idea that this dystopian place is not fantasy.

Primordial Dream
Primordial Dream, from Collatoral.AI

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