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Houston, TX, is home to more than just the iconic Space Center or the historic Market Square. It also houses the dynamic Artist/Renaissance Man, Vincent Fink, who, with every brushstroke, captures the essence of a world that oscillates between the known and the mysterious. Despite a setback when an arson fire bomb destroyed his Winter Street studio, his flame of creativity remains unquenched.

Image courtesy of Vincent Fink
Image courtesy of Vincent Fink

The early inklings of his passion trace back to sketches of ninja turtles and Roger Rabbit in daycare. His journey, however, was a challenging path; music, especially metal bands, took up a significant chunk of his youth. While the metallic chords of his band echoed his passions in his twenties, after graduating from the Art Institute of Houston, Vincent's self-taught beginnings blossomed into refined techniques in drawing, digital graphics, and animation. He draws inspiration from artistic giants like Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and others, but what makes his art uniquely arresting is his personal touch. His works are a treasure trove of personal experiences, reflections on his current studies, and a deep passion for subjects like Sacred Geometry. 

When you delve into Vincent's creations, his aspiration is for viewers to be engulfed by an overwhelming feeling of amazement and marvel. He seeks to ignite a spark of inspiration and inquisitiveness, to instill a spirited zest for life. Moreover, he intends for his audience to face the darker aspects of the psyche to gain a more comprehensive comprehension of one’s entire mental landscape.


It's no surprise that Vincent’s artwork resonates most with scientists, engineers, and the spiritually attuned. These communities recognize and appreciate the depth, intricacy, and multi-dimensional perspectives he brings to the canvas.

Image courtesy of Vincent Fink
Image courtesy of Vincent Fink

The "Atlas Metamorphosis Project" is a testament to Vincent’s vision. Inspired by a lucid dream, the series captures various cultural eras on an alternate timeline, connecting them through stages of an Atlas Beetle's metamorphosis. This innovative approach paints deities as manifestations of a singular, universal being.

“That dream image of a highly detailed ink drawing depicting an ancient Chinese street scene celebration with an enormous palanquin-like carriage left me to fill in the gaps of my dream memory in my waking life...Each stage of an other-worldly giant Atlas Beetle’s metamorphosis is marked by different empires. This idea lends itself to the concept that these different versions of the same deity are simply different manifestations of the same being. “

Atlas Metamorphosis stahe 1 of 4
Atlas Metamorphosis, pictured in stage 1 of 4. Image courtesy of Vincent Fink.

Vincent’s well-earned awards, like the Talent Prize at Art Show International Gallery (2023) and The Jerry Goldstein Foundation Award (2021), have only solidified his standing in the artistic community. With exhibitions at prominent venues like Modern Eden Gallery and a significant presence in events like the Bayou City Arts Festival and Spectrum at Art Basel, Vincent is set to leave an indelible mark on the art world. His brand, Point506 Clothing, aims to merge fashion with art,

But his expertise doesn't end on canvas. Vincent ventures into 3D sculptural surfaces, 3D software, photography, digital composition, and augmented reality. His murals grace walls and projection animations take immersive art installations to new dimensions. His artistic prowess is complemented by his musical abilities, making him a genuinely multi-faceted talent.


In essence, Vincent Fink isn't just contributing to art; he's part of a revolution. He is part of a movement that seeks to blend art, science, culture, and metaphysics, aiming to usher in a new era of heightened consciousness, especially during these challenging times. He envisions a world where humanity realizes its divinity, empowering individuals against forces that threaten our collective potential.


Keep up with Vincent on his YouTube, website, Rumble, and Patreon.

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