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Ally Grimm pictured with her mural

January 22nd-28th, 2024, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Avenue of the Arts Festival (AOTA Fest) is delighted to announce its collaboration with Broward College, which will serve as the hosting venue for a series of educational seminars and panel discussions. This collaboration further solidifies AOTA Fest's commitment to fostering art education and supporting artists in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale.

Avenue of the Arts: Visual Arts Festival
Avenue of the Arts: Visual Arts Festival

Marie Louise Franco Luque

Marie Louise Franco Luque's artistic journey is passionate and community-engaging. Her story begins at a wildlife sanctuary called Flaming Gardens, where her initial desire to volunteer with animals led to an unexpected twist. Though too young for the volunteer work she sought, a casual conversation revealed her artistic aspirations. Despite never having painted a mural before, Marie Louise embraced the challenge with a resounding ‘yes’ when asked if she could. Her first mural at the sanctuary, born out of volunteer work, marked the beginning of her love affair with public art.

Confirmed: Marie Franco will be in attendance at AOTA Fest 2024
Confirmed: Marie Franco will be in attendance at AOTA Fest 2024

For Marie Louise, murals are not just large paintings, but platforms for public engagement and reflection. She firmly believes in the accessibility of art, advocating for its free public experience without monetary barriers. Her vision extends to ensuring that her murals resonate with the communities they adorn, reflecting their identity, experiences, and aspirations. To her, a mural is successful when the local community sees itself in the artwork, possibly discovering something new with every viewing.


A significant milestone in her career was the opportunity to collaborate with her classmates from the New World School of the Arts. Working alongside fellow artists to create murals was a valuable learning experience and a chance to leave a lasting impact on future generations. These collaborative projects, meant to inspire and be admired by students walking to school, hold a special place in her heart.

Marie Franco
Marie Franco's mural portraiture "Soy Teresa" in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month via Instagram @mariefrancoart
Marie Franco
Marie Franco's work via Instagram, captioned "disintegrating and transformation" @mariefrancoart

Marie Louise's approach to mural creation is meticulous and empathetic. She immerses herself in studying the location and its community, understanding the daily life, the purpose of the place, and the experiences of those who frequent it. She gathers insights to inform her design by engaging in conversations with locals, especially those who work in the vicinity. This thorough research process and her own reference photography ensure that each mural authentically represents its environment and the people connected to it.

Marie Franco
Marie Franco's art at World Virtual Museum

Balancing her artistic endeavors with other responsibilities, Marie Louise works as an educator at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami. She is a full-time student at the New World School of the Arts. She acknowledges the privilege of being able to cover her basic expenses through her art, a testament to her talent and dedication. However, she also recognizes the need for multiple income paths to meet her financial responsibilities as a student. Her jobs, both intertwined with art, allow her to continue her artistic journey while enriching her knowledge and experience in the field.

Marie Louise Franco Luque blends artistic ambition, community connection, and pragmatic perseverance. Her journey as a muralist intertwines her love for art with a deep sense of social responsibility and community engagement. Each mural she creates is an artistic expression and a celebration of the community it represents, echoing her belief that art and community go hand in hand. Her story is a vivid reminder of the power of art to reflect, engage, and inspire communities and the importance of pursuing one's passion with dedication and heart.


Street art, a vibrant and often controversial form of urban expression, finds a notable example in the works of the artist known by the tag "CHNK." This tag, distinct in its style and execution, has become a recognizable symbol in the realms of graffiti and street art. The artist behind CHNK has managed to carve out a unique identity in a domain often saturated with diverse talents and competing visual narratives.

Confirmed: CHNK Fondue will be in attendance at AOTA Fest 2024
Confirmed: CHNK Fondue will be in attendance at AOTA Fest 2024

CHNK's art is characterized by bold, chunky lines and a playful yet edgy use of color, which has become a signature element. The use of the name 'CHNK' itself, short and impactful, reflects the artist's approach to art – straightforward, unapologetic, and striking. This simplicity in the name contrasts with the complexity and depth often found in the artworks, creating an intriguing dichotomy that invites viewers to delve deeper into the meaning and inspiration behind each piece.

CHNK's work on canvas titled "CANT EAT" via Instagram @CHNKFONDUE
CHNK's mural at P&H cafe in Memphis, TN via Instagram @CHNKFONDUE

The street art of CHNK often features large-scale murals that are not only visually arresting but also laden with social commentary. The subjects of these murals range from critiques of modern society and politics to more personal and introspective themes. This variety in subject matter showcases CHNK's versatility as an artist and a storyteller, using the urban landscape as a canvas to express thoughts and ideas that resonate with a wide audience.

Despite his bold and colorful works, CHNK calls his work “ugly.”


One of the most distinctive aspects of CHNK is incorporating local cultural elements into the artwork. This approach not only endears the artist to the local community but also adds an extra layer of relevance and meaning to the art. By doing so, CHNK's work transcends the boundaries of mere visual appeal and becomes a part of the social and cultural fabric of the area.

CHNK's "GRAYSKULL" on wood panel via Instagram @CHNKFONDUE

Another notable aspect of CHNK's artistry is the use of space. The artist has a knack for transforming overlooked or neglected urban spaces into vibrant, thought-provoking art pieces. This beautifies the area and challenges the public's perception of what constitutes art and where it should be displayed. CHNK's work, therefore, plays a critical role in the ongoing dialogue about the role of street art in public spaces and its impact on community and urban aesthetics.


CHNK's influence extends beyond the streets and into the digital world. With a significant online following, the artist uses social media platforms to showcase art and engage with a global audience. This digital presence has allowed CHNK to reach a wider audience, sparking conversations about street art across different cultures and communities.

In conclusion, CHNK stands out in the world of street art not only for its distinctive style but also for the depth and breadth of the themes explored. Through a combination of bold visuals, social commentary, and cultural relevance, CHNK's work continues to challenge and inspire, making a lasting impact in the ever-evolving landscape of urban art.

Ally Grimm

Ally Grimm's journey as an artist encaptures creativity, experimentation, and persistence. Born in Venezuela, her early exposure to Op Art and Kinetic Art through masters like Carlos Cruz Diez and Gego planted seeds of fascination with patterns and energy in two-dimensional spaces. Her Venezuelan roots profoundly influenced her aesthetic, instilling a love for vibrant patterns and a dynamic flow in her work.

Confirmed: Ally Grimm will be in attendance at AOTA Fest 2024
Confirmed: Ally Grimm will be in attendance at AOTA Fest 2024

Her artistic career took a significant turn five years ago when she delved into street art. Drawn to the idea of creating larger-than-life installations, she found a unique way to blend narratives and images in a publicly accessible format. Working as both an artist and curator for music festivals, she painted her first large-scale pieces, a pivotal experience that catapulted her into the world of high-profile art showcases like Art Basel.

Ally Grimm pictured with her mural via artist website
Ally Grimm pictured with her mural via artist's website

Ally's style is a blend of influences and inspirations. Frank Stella's chaotic movement and layered sculptural paintings significantly impacted her, pushing her to experiment with collage effects in her work. Moreover, her fascination with architecture and design, particularly the works of Zaha Hadid and Wassily Kandinsky, has led her to explore the interplay between 2D and 3D forms in her art.


Her creative process is an intricate dance of technology and traditional artistry. Starting with AI-generated portraits, she builds around these figures with patterns that embody the emotions she wants to convey. Her use of various digital tools, from Photoshop and Illustrator to Procreate and After Effects, allows her to add texture and motion, often incorporating augmented reality to bring her static wall pieces to life.

Ally Grimm
Ally Grimm's work via Instagram @A.L._GRIME
Ally Grimm
Ally Grimm's work “SHDWPPL_002” via Instagram @A.L._GRIME

Ally's art is not just an expression of creativity; it's a commentary on modern society. She explores themes like the human experience in the technological era, women in STEM, data rights, mental health, and the impact of consumer culture on our emotions. Her work, described as a "spiritual journey to the nexus of humanity and technology," seeks to inspire awe and shift perspectives, often venturing into the realm of the uncomfortable.


Her work ethic and adaptability are as impressive as her artistic vision. Whether collaborating with other artists, adapting to unexpected challenges, or embracing the unpredictability of street art, Ally remains undeterred. Her project in Erie, PA, called "RIDE," epitomizes this resilience, where she overcame numerous obstacles, from structural issues to environmental challenges, to create one of her most significant works.

Ally Grimm pictured in front of her mural via 5280, photo by Rebecca Stumpf
Ally Grimm pictured in front of her mural via 5280, photo by Rebecca Stumpf

Ally's artistic evolution is constantly driven by a relentless curiosity and a desire to experiment. From ink on paper to acrylic on canvas and, eventually, to large-scale walls, her style has shifted towards seeking a balance between detail and space. This balance reflects her journey, oscillating between the intricate and the expansive, always anchored in her roots and experiences.

Looking towards the future, Ally dreams of collaborations with NASA or MIT Media Lab, creating art from scientific data and even sending her art into space. Her commitment to her style and voice is unwavering as she navigates the art world on her own terms, refusing to compromise her artistic integrity for commercial gains.

Ally Grimm's story is more than an artist's biography; it's a testament to the power of passion, the beauty of blending cultures and disciplines, and the relentless pursuit of a unique artistic voice in a world constantly evolving with technology and social change.

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