Jimini Hignett, Black Bourton Road, 2005 via Wikipedia

Jesslyn Low

Roadkill to Artwork

Death, in its myriad forms, is a ubiquitous theme present in art across time and location. The following artists offer a unique spin on morbidity, featuring roadkill in their work.

Dior Men x KAWS via Chefrito

Taylor Hunt

Fashion x Art Collaborations

Art and fashion continuously fuel each other's creativity, resulting in some of the most memorable and transformative collaborations.

Quantum Waves

Madelyn Kenney

Art and Quantum Physics

Art and quantum physics merge to reveal the unseen, exploring the universe's possibilities through the lens of creativity and scientific inquiry.

Sheila Metzner portrait by Herb Ritts via Widewalls

Taylor Hunt

Sheila Metzner

Sheila Metzner left a mark on 20th-century American photography when she became the first woman to have her work featured in Vogue. Her style combines Pictorialism and Modernism, which has...

Oscar Statuettes

Lily Frye

Oscar Statuettes

Delve into the Oscars' history, highlighting the iconic statuette—designed by Cedric Gibbons and sculpted by George Stanley in 1927—to honor cinematic excellence, emphasizing the statuette's evolving materials and its role...

Feature image: Kathryn Knudsen via Instagram

Jesslyn Low

3 Small Fiber Artists to Follow

Fiber works’ perceptions within the art world have allowed this medium to become recognized as fine art. This article will celebrate the long history of textile works through three lesser-known...


Louise Irpino

5 Artists to Add to Your Insta Feed in 2024

Explore these five artists to follow on Instagram in 2024, including Anna-Laura Sullivan, Sophia Ren, Charlie Faulks, Wednesday Holmes, and soleoado.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu via The Allure of the

Louise Irpino

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Discover the works of Chinese conceptual artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, as well as the controversies surrounding their use of unconventional materials.

Pogetto velvet work from the Velveteria collection in Black Velvet Masterpieces via Collectors Weekly

Taylor Hunt

Velvet Paintings

Although the art form is rich in history and skill, velvet paintings are unforgivably associated with bad taste and tacky vintage aesthetics.

Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels by Jean Fouquet. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images via The Guardian

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Breast Milk

Explore the intersection of art and breastfeeding through various artworks created with breastmilk. Highlights include multimedia projects, performances, and provocative exhibits addressing societal views and the experiences of breastfeeding mothers.