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Avenue of the Arts

January 22nd-28th, 2024, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Avenue of the Arts Festival (AOTA Fest) is delighted to announce its collaboration with Broward College, which will serve as the hosting venue for a series of educational seminars and panel discussions. This collaboration further solidifies AOTA Fest's commitment to fostering art education and supporting artists in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale.

Avenue of the Arts: Visual Arts Festival
Avenue of the Arts: Visual Arts Festival

Egypt Hagan

Egypt Hagan's artistic journey is a story of resilience, self-expression, and the transformative power of art. When viewers encounter Egypt's art, they are invited into a world where each piece is a visual feast and a prompt for introspection and inspiration. Egypt's work, characterized by its unique exploration of storytelling through portraiture, aims to celebrate the distinctiveness of individuals. By surrounding these portraits with gold, Egypt underscores the concept that everyone, in their uniqueness, holds a regal quality.

Egypt: Confirmed artist for AOTA Fest
Egypt: Confirmed artist for AOTA Fest via Instagram

Egypt's artistic style, while consistent in its essence, has evolved significantly over time. Initially driven by what she thought the audience would prefer, Egypt has transitioned to creating art that is more intentional and deeply connected to her heart and soul. This evolution reflects a journey of personal growth and artistic maturity, where the focus has shifted to creating authentic works that are true to her inner voice.

Egypt's piece titled "Symphony" via Instagram
Egypt's piece titled  “Blue • J”  via Instagram

One of the pivotal challenges in Egypt's career was grappling with financial difficulties. These hardships brought moments of self-doubt and discouragement, but instead of succumbing to these challenges, Egypt used them as a catalyst for growth and determination. Her optimism and inner strength were key in overcoming these obstacles, reinforcing their belief in their art and their abilities.


Egypt offers sage advice to aspiring street artists: practice consistently and develop a unique style. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, even when creativity seems elusive, and reminds artists that art has no rush. The beauty of artistic expression lies in its individuality and personal journey.

"Day 3 at @shineonstpete mural complete"
Egypt's mural for @shineonpete in Saint Petersburg, FL via Instagram

Frida Kahlo significantly influences Egypt's work and ethos, whose story of strength, love, passion, and determination deeply resonates with them. Frida's ability to overcome personal and professional battles while creating profoundly impactful art is a source of inspiration for Egypt. Additionally, her grandparents' unwavering support and encouragement played a crucial role in her early years, fostering a space for uninhibited self-expression and creativity.

View this profile on Instagram

Egypt (@graffitiegypt) • Instagram photos and videos

Egypt Hagan's story is a testament to the power of art as a medium for storytelling, self-reflection, and inspiration. Through her portraits, Egypt invites viewers to recognize and celebrate each individual's unique stories and inherent royalty. Her journey underscores the importance of authenticity, resilience, and the enduring influence of those who nurture our creative spirits. As she continues to evolve and create, Egypt Hagan stands as a beacon for aspiring artists, embodying the transformative power of art to overcome challenges and express the deepest truths of the human experience.

Ktano John Buritica

Ktano John Buritica's story as an artist is a vivid tapestry of passion, adaptability, and the transformative power of street art. Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Ktano's artistic journey began at an early age, but it was in 1999 that his path took a significant turn. The discovery of the magazine "HipnHop Nation" opened his eyes to the vast expanse of the street art movement. Those pages, filled with spectacular photos, served as a window to a world far beyond his city's still-limited reach of the internet. This exposure was the catalyst that inspired him to take his art to the streets.

Returning artist: Ktano for AOTA Fest 2024, pictured work in 2023
Ktano: confirmed street artist returns for AOTA Fest 2024 

Ktano's artistic influences are as varied as they are profound. He has always believed in the ethos that art feeds on art, finding inspiration and lessons in the works of diverse artists, irrespective of their style or artistic movement. However, his first foray into the world of spray paint was through written graffiti. The allure of letters and their foundational role in the street art movement has always captivated him and remains a significant element in his work.

Ktano's mural titled “Viviendo un sueño” via Instagram

For Ktano, street art is more than an expression; it is a vital form of community engagement. He views it as a voice for the voiceless, a way to express what hearts feel, but words cannot articulate. The community's role in this artistic movement is paramount; they are not just an audience but an integral part of the art itself.


Ktano's creative process is deeply influenced by his surroundings, particularly the physical characteristics of the walls he works on. These walls are not just canvases but guiding elements that shape his artistic expression. When creating personal works, he often draws from his current emotional state or experiences, using his art as a tool for introspection and emotional exploration. For commissioned works, he listens intently to the desires of the community, allowing their input to fuel his creativity.

Work in progress via Instagram
Work in progress via Instagram
Ktano's piece "supreme nature" via Instagram

The technical aspect of his art involves adapting to various textures and conditions of walls. He prefers to start with a white base before applying the main color with a roller, followed by his primary tool, the spray paint. Whether working freehand or using guides for precision, Ktano's technique is adaptable and meticulous.


Collaboration is another aspect of his art that Ktano values highly. Working with other artists is not just a sharing of techniques but an exchange of life philosophies, an enriching experience that broadens his perspective and deepens his artistic expression.

Mural titled “Espíritu Guerrero”
Mural titled “Espíritu Guerrero” via Instagram

As an immigrant artist, Ktano has faced significant challenges, from emotional struggles due to separation from family to the daunting task of establishing himself in new environments. These experiences, while challenging, have only fueled his determination and resilience. The support and opportunities provided by people and organizations in his new surroundings have been instrumental in his continued artistic journey.

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Ktano (@ktano86) • Instagram photos and videos

Ktano John Buritica's life and career is a narrative of growth, adaptation, and the indomitable spirit of an artist who uses his craft to connect with communities, express emotions, and navigate the complexities of life as an immigrant. His work is a testament to street art's power as a medium for personal expression, community engagement, and cultural storytelling.


NICO's journey as an artist is a compelling tale of growth, resilience, and community engagement. Her story provides an insightful look into the world of a visionary street artist.

NICO's artistic roots trace back to her childhood in West Palm Beach, where she attended the Middle School of the Arts and the High School of the Arts Dreyfus. Despite an early exposure to art, societal stereotypes about the 'starving artist' deterred her from pursuing it as a career. In her college years at the University of North Florida, while involved with the surf club and a clothing brand, her artistic talents were reignited, leading her to create t-shirt designs and murals for a warehouse. 

Nico: Confirmed artist for AOTA Fest
Nico: Confirmed artist for AOTA Fest via Instagram

This rebirth of her artistic passion coincided with a move back to West Palm Beach due to academic and living challenges. Working at a chiropractor’s office, she encountered the concept of the law of attraction, which profoundly influenced her decision to embrace art as a career. This choice marked the beginning of her journey as a full-time artist and muralist, especially in Jacksonville.

Mural artist Nico pictured working on mural via her website
Mural artist Nico pictured working on mural via her website

In Jacksonville, NICO focused on community-centric art. She vividly recalls her first interactive mural projects with the Parks and Rec Department, which exposed her to underserved communities. This experience sparked a deep interest in working with youth, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds. Her commitment led to initiatives like the Kids Mural Festival and the Kids Mural Project, where she painted murals with thousands of children across 34 Title One schools.

NICO's work extends beyond murals, as she actively engaged in organizing community events and festivals, such as the "We Rise" festival, aimed at showcasing young local artists. Despite significant achievements, including a mural at the Jaguars stadium, she found the continuous fundraising efforts taxing, which led her to refocus on her personal career growth. 


Her move to Miami marked a new chapter. Here, she found more opportunities to work with young people and continued to make impactful visits to Jacksonville, collaborating with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. NICO's style, which she describes as "solar punk" with a touch of nostalgia, uniquely blends nature, technology, and digital elements, reflecting her deep interest in the interconnectedness of these themes.

Nico pictured with her work at Miami Style Gallery via Instagram
Nico pictured with her work at Miami Style Gallery via Instagram
Nico's first completed work of 2024, titled "The Fabric of Fantasy" via Instagram

Despite her successes, NICO candidly discusses the challenges of mental health within the art community. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, balance, and having a supportive team, underscoring the mental and physical demands of mural painting.


In conclusion, NICO's artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of art, not just as a medium of self-expression but as a tool for community engagement and youth empowerment. Her dedication to bringing art to underserved communities, her unique style, and thoughtful approach to mental health make her a distinctive voice in the contemporary art world. 


AOTA is a Visual Arts Festival held annually in Fort Lauderdale's Historic Sistrunk community. Founded by Maxence Doytier and Pascal Doytier, AOTA Fest aims to celebrate art, diversity, and community through live mural painting, panel discussions, and educational seminars. With a strong focus on inclusivity and fostering connections within the art community, AOTA Fest is set to become a premier event in Fort Lauderdale's art scene. For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, artist submissions, and event details, please visit

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