Who is Starlinc? And What Are People Wearing in New York, Summer 2023?

Starlinc NYC

Starlinc Asks, What Are People Wearing in New York, Summer 2023?

Some say everything starts in New York City, and in my opinion, they’re often right. As a high number of influencers, celebrities, models, and musicians walk the streets of NYC, trends tend to transpire.

Over the years, New York City street fashion has increasingly become a huge influence on pop culture clothing trends. These days it's constantly being documented. Whether it's by paparazzi, fashion blogs, TikTokers, or Youtbers, NYC street fashion is all the rage, and here’s why.

If you’ve ever taken a walk through the buzzing Times Square, or perhaps swiftly walked past Grand Central on 42nd Street, or went gallery hopping throughout the meat-packing district—or if you’ve been just about anywhere in New York City really—you’ve probably seen some things. For me, one thing I make a point to look out for are the outfits, which, I may add, are often incredible, and sometimes horrendous. Regardless, I’m either taking notes or rather entertained.

The streets of NYC become dynamic runways, uniting both high and low fashion, shining a light on streetwear, and celebrating diverse aesthetics between the thousands of cultures present in the vibrant city. There’s something so freeing about being one in (quite literally) 8.46 million. You can do what you want and wear what you want. In New York, this mentality is seen through experimental fashion.

So who are the people documenting current fashion trends? There are a few, but the YouTuber at the top of my list is Starlinc. Starlinc’s YouTube biography describes the channel as, “Documenting the best of New York street fashion week by week, with a twist.”

Starlinc’s host (who is currently unnamed) walks throughout NYC, stopping people on the street he deems alluring or fashionable. He asks where they get their fashion inspiration from, and the answers vary wildly. He then asks another question like, “What are you passionate about right now?’ or “What piece of advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?” 

NYC Street Fashion, Image Courtesy of @fashionistacom_
NYC Street Fashion, Image Courtesy of @fashionistacom_
NYC Street Fashion, Image courtesy of Gotham and Getty Images
NYC Street Fashion, Image courtesy of Gotham and Getty Images

The twist is this: After the brief interview, Starlinc hands the interviewee a $2 bill. Generally, the recipient’s face lights up, and the video quickly moves to the next shot. It’s catchy and fun.

A few of the featured looks are pictured here, and Starlinc is right, they are all intriguing looks, and some are even something we might see walking down NY Fashion Week’s runway.

Starlinc’s videos also include a captivating editing technique: vintage film edits. This approach feels nostalgic, skillfully reminding the viewer that the past informed our present. It got me thinking, where did street fashion start? And how did we get here?

While it is difficult to say exactly when it began, it is certain that street fashion originated from the desire for individuality. Starting in the mid-20th century, younger generations began “going against the grain” and using fashion as a form of expression. After the Second World War, many cities across the U.S. experienced a wave of cultural diversity, a coalition of people from various backgrounds that contributed to the blend of fashion trends and techniques. In the 70s and 80s, hip-hop played a huge role in shaping street fashion. You can read more about this in my recent article, Celebrating 50 years of hip hop. Subcultures like these influenced the relaxed yet calculated approach street fashion aims to project.

Today, as the world becomes more connected through globalization and online documentation, street fashion is taking many forms. As more people document the complexities of street fashion and all of its fascinating approaches, we will continue to see a monumental shift in what's “in” versus what’s “out.” All in all, Starlinc is a fantastic YouTuber. There is a true authenticity to their approach that resonates with the people in the videos and the audience alike.

Thanks to Starlinc, I don’t have to live in New York to feel like I’m walking the streets of the city, checking out the latest strange (yet exciting) new trends that may appear at the drop of a hat, and go just as quickly as they came.

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