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The Grotesque, Religious Art of Hieronymus Bosch

An overview of the life of 15th-century Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch and an analysis of his most well-known triptychs.

Louise Irpino
Tom de Freston

Through the Flames of Fumage: History of Art an...

Fire art is not new. Our ancestors used it in cave paintings from thousands of years ago, but we see the flames of inspiration reaching as far as the Surrealist...

Madelyn Kenney
Sad paintings

Ten Paintings That'll Make You Cry

When words fail us, art can become the beacon of light that recognizes some of the more painful emotions that come with the experiences of being human. Here are ten...

Jesslyn Low
Final Painting Klimt

The Final Paintings

Here are some of the most powerful and harrowing final paintings by well-known artists, completed shortly before they met their untimely (and often tragic) ends.

Taylor Hunt
Georgia O'Keeffe painting

Art & Activism: The Symbol of Chosen Freedom in...

Artistic Activism By combining raw emotion with a collective response, artistic activism becomes a well-rounded force toward social change, igniting the drive to elevate a message in the soul and...

Madelyn Kenney
The Lovers, rene magritte

Five Surrealism Paintings That Feel Like a Feve...

Dreams feel like haphazard scenarios—kind of like surrealist art. One moment you’re talking to your dog in your ex-boyfriend’s mom’s house and the next thing you know you’re in a...

Lily Frye