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It is more important than ever to find the beauty in our world. A colorful environment, a beautiful sunset, or a picturesque landscape can all inspire the human mind to keep seeking beauty, even in the most boring circumstances. While we typically reserve artistic beauty for the world’s greatest masterpieces and grandiose compositions, sometimes it lurks in more unexpected venues. Especially now, living amongst chaos and unpredictability in our world, it is vital that we seek out this unexpected beauty, capturing it to spread the joy to others. Using this mindset, unpredictability and ordinary life can be reconfigured as a work of art to be equally revered.

Reddit, the place on the internet where users are encouraged to “Dive Into Anything”, is home to some of the most captivating and charming communities. Divided into separate forums called subreddits, these communities unite in one common interest at which to marvel. Art and photography are very common in Reddit communities, as users share their own work and appreciate others in an accessible, free virtual art gallery.


A specific art subreddit is dedicated to so-called “accidental” art: r/AccidentalArtGallery. Far from incidental, the tagline of this subreddit is “A celebration of candid masterpieces”. Indeed, the community regularly features some of the most captivating photographs, some of which are reminiscent of particular movements throughout art history. These photographs have one thing in common: they are unstaged, accidental instances of remarkable artistic quality in otherwise uneventful environments.

For example, one user named u/evanroden captured the moment that their printer ran out of ink, splattering its last bit of black ink onto the paper in an abstract splatter reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s signature masterpieces. The singular black splatter on a white background is an unplanned, imperfect example of the beauty and artistic quality of an unanticipated moment.


In another popular post, u/bakedbeans2 shares their son’s Legos accidentally drying in a bucket filled with chalk and water, leaving behind an abstract impressionist piece once it all dried. While others will claim that this photograph glorifies a disarray of childhood’s paraphernalia, many view the image as a work of multimedia artistry. The chalky white geometric lines mimic an aerial view of a city or a latticed motif at the fore of a solid blue background. Thus, the mess left behind from a long day of play becomes an accidental masterpiece.



However, the subreddit isn’t only dedicated to sharing abstract candid moments. Several users, including u/RocyCyanide6, share photos of swirling, colorful landscapes in a style similar to that of Van Gogh. The twisting clouds look strikingly comparable to the swirling fluidity in Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Any aesthete is sure to enjoy the beauty of this photograph.


Another post by u/whatsoverthathill features the early morning sunlight reflecting in ripples on the surface of a lake. The picture is uncannily similar to an abstract impressionist piece. The photograph manages to capture a unique moment at which the rippling movements appear simplified and abstracted.

Finally, u/enjoy-the-sauce shares a photo of dewdrops resting upon a wet sunroof, reflecting the sunset’s colors in their orbs. This photo provides viewers with an intensely detailed perspective of the droplets, while also managing to appear abstract and unrecognizable. If one didn’t stop to observe this minuscule sight, one would not witness its beauty. The results of capturing this moment surely inspire viewers to find beauty in the mundane.


If you would like to experience the awe-inspiring attraction of the every day, I invite you to observe the mundane. If you look close enough, you will find that there is beauty in even the most ordinary aspects of life.

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