GreenPeace Drone Show

Lily Frye

Drone Art

Drones are best known for capturing scenic aerial views. Artists and designers now use these unmanned vehicles to create 3D immersive experiences. From presidential speeches to Amazon’s Prime Video movie...

Broken Eggs, 1756

Lily Frye

Eggcellent Art: Egg Symbolism in Art History

Aside from cultural and religious traditions valuing the egg, artists caught onto this symbolism and implemented eggs into their paintings as early as the 15th century. Film directors then followed,...

Twins, courtesy of Stone Sparrow

Jesslyn Low

Art That Leaves Its Frame

Pushing boundaries is no new concept in the art world. Many artists push literal boundaries by creating artworks that leave the two-dimensional world, breaking free from frames and canvases to...


Madelyn Kenney

Art Attacks: Art and Psychology

Has a painting ever made you feel emotional? Have you ever looked at a sculpture and felt your stomach drop? These works will undoubtedly evoke powerful sentiments when experienced in...

Tom de Freston

Madelyn Kenney

Through the Flames of Fumage: History of Art an...

Fire art is not new. Our ancestors used it in cave paintings from thousands of years ago, but we see the flames of inspiration reaching as far as the Surrealist...

Jenny Holzer Guggenheim

Emma Livingston

Everywhere and Always: the Impactful Use of Wor...

As artists include written words in their artistic expression, the fascination lies not only in conveying a message through the work itself but also in the skillful use of written...

Yigal Ozeri, Diner Americana

Lily Frye

Photorealism: Paintings That Look Like Photographs

Hyperrealism paintings elevate intricacy to new heights. Seemingly microscopic dots illustrate pores and paper-thin hair strokes to construct the illusion of a photograph. This technique is known as photorealism.

The Most Popular Art Memes

Jesslyn Low

The Most Popular Art Memes

Memes have introduced a whole new way to interact with others, and fine works of art are no exception, the rich variety that artwork lends to memeable images has allowed...

RECLAIM Collection - Photo taken from Cheyenne Concepcion's website

Janine Mae Dela Cueva

The Peacock Chair: Reimagined

The Peacock chair gained popularity in America, and as a result its origins gradually faded away. Now, Filipino artists are reclaiming the Peacock chair and finding ways to breathe life...

Boy and Poodle

Rosella Parra

The Woman Behind the Big-Eyed Paintings: Margar...

Through Women’s History Month, a woman to recognize within the art community is Margaret Keane. She was an American artist known for painting women, children, and animals with very large...