Gothic architecture

Madelyn Kenney and Jesslyn Low

Gothic Architecture

Today, the word ‘Gothic’ is used to describe all things dark and moody, but its inception and purpose in mid-12th century architecture were meant to bring in more light to...

Barbie's Dreamhouse

Rosella Parra

The Architecture of Barbie’s Dreamhouse

For girls and women who have grown up with Barbie, they love her for her fashionable, and fantastic life which all takes place in Barbie’s dreamhouse.

Mariana Tower

Emma Segrest

Six Chicago Skyscrapers that Change the Archite...

Chicago is home to a wide array of unique and stunning architecture. Credited as the birthplace of the first modern-day skyscraper in 1885, Chicago has long been a breeding ground...

Sagrada Familia

Rosella Parra

The Sagrada Familia: the Basilica That’s Never ...

The Sagrada Familia, being one of Barcelona’s most historical basilicas, has been through many adversities since its development began in 1882. This raises many questions if the Barcelona City Council...