Joan of Arc, 1879, Jules Bastien-Lepage, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Louise Irpino

Joan of Arc

A chronological exploration of Joan of Arc's evolution in art and her cultural impact, highlighting her as one of France's most beloved historical figures.

Amphora with Ajax Carrying the Dead Achilles | The Walters Art Museum

Rosella Parra

Black Amphora Art

Black-figure amphora art in Ancient Greece depicted mythology and narratives, honoring customs and heroes through unique pottery techniques.

Jan van Helmont, Portrait of the sisters of the convent of the Black Canon Augustinian nuns of Antwerp, 1665 and 1714 via Wikipedia

Jesslyn Low

Nuns in Art History

The article discusses the history and contributions of nuns to the art world, highlighting their role as pioneers of female-made art in the Western world by leveraging the freedom and...


Louise Irpino

Celtic Symbols in Art

Celtic art, rich in symbols and motifs with deep meanings, reflects the heritage of the Indo-European Celts who lived in Western-Central Europe during the Iron Age and whose cultural elements,...


Madelyn Kenney

Classical Pets in Art

Pet portraiture, from cave paintings to contemporary art, highlights the enduring themes of loyalty, companionship, and personality that transcend time and showcases how pets, especially dogs, have shifted from symbols...

Primavera detail via Medium

Jesslyn Low

The Three Graces

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the depiction of the Three Graces across various art forms and periods, highlighting their evolution from classical representations to contemporary reimaginings that challenge...

Hindu funerary ritual depiction via Choice Mutual

Rosella Parra

Funerary Customs in Art History

Every country, culture, and religion practices its own perception of burials. Many ancient cultures in Rome, Mesopotamia, Maya, and Egypt personify funerals and burials as a ritual full of celebration...

Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is put in place at the Rijksmuseum during 'Operation Night Watch.' Remko de Waal/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Madelyn Kenney

Art and True Crime

"The Night Watch" (1642) is one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings depicting the Militia Company of District II in the Netherlands. It has received multiple names due to the darkened...

Feature image: Great Art Explained thumbnail

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5 Art Analysis YouTube Video Essays Worth Your ...

Explore our curation of the top five YouTube video essays on art, featuring insightful analysis and diverse perspectives from various expert creators. Each video in this listicle covers a unique...

via Wikipedia

Lily Frye

An Analysis of Gustave Moreau's French Masterpi...

Gustave Moreau’s intrinsically eye-pleasing and complex paintings capture moments in time. From mythical gods to ancient kings, Moreau’s self-proclaimed title as a history painter captures human (and non-human) history.