Frederic Remington, On The Southern Plains, 1907 via the MET

Emma Livingston

Cowboy Art

Explore "cowboy core," a trend romanticizing the Wild West in art, fashion, and media, while urging acknowledgment of its diverse, violent past and inclusion of marginalized histories.


Elizabeth Lang

A Love Letter to Costa Rica – Documentary

“A Love Letter to Costa Rica” is a visual documentation of a four-day trip in paradise. It reflects the huge blessing it is to be born in such a beautiful...

Peach Fuzz via ArchDaily

Emma Livingston

Pantone's Color of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute just announced Peach Fuzz as the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year. Delve into the exploration of this year’s standout color here.

Nostalgic Art

Lily Frye

Nostalgic Art

Long-forgotten art from your childhood has now resurfaced. Artists like Bill Braun and Cesar Santander capture nostalgia for the 90s and early 2000s.

The Foxhole II_Digital Collage_Greenberg

Emma Segrest

Can An Artist Make A Livable Wage?

Explore the challenges and aspirations of modern artists in this article, highlighting the stark reality of the 'starving artist' myth, the pursuit of passion over stability, and the evolving landscape...


Elizabeth Lang

PART V: A 2023 Bien Cabrón in Pursuit of Bad Bu...

I’m Elizabeth Lang, an award-winning Costa Rican multimedia journalist specializing in arts and culture. In this personal essay, I share my process for the biggest story of my career. It’s...

Miniature Western Town, 1962 with Disney characters, image courtesy of Rosella Parra

Rosella Parra

Ross Ward: The Mastermind Behind Tinkertown Museum

The Tinkertown Museum pays tribute to Ross J. Ward, a lifelong prolific artist known for his theme of “recycled folk art environment.” He made art from wooden carvings, collectibles, and...

Graffiti in Athens, 2018, Image courtesy of Badseed (Public Domain)

Emma Livingston

Graffiti in Greece

Join writer Emma Livingston as she delves into a long-disputed art form after her recent trip to one of the most graffiti-dense cities in the world: Athens, Greece.

Courtesy of Art Basel

Emma Segrest

Matching Your Favorite Artists to Must-See Films

Your favorite artist can be an easy way to choose what to watch during your next movie night. Artists possess distinct styles, ideas, and aesthetics that can translate well into...

Triumph of Venus, François Boucher courtesy of Artsy

Janine Mae Dela Cueva

Baroque v. Rococo Art: What's the Difference?

Both Baroque and Rococo pieces feature ornate designs and plenty of gilded accents to elevate their elegance and sophistication. Yet, despite their similarities, the two movements distinguish themselves in their...