Keith Haring lithograph, Andy Mouse Plate, 1986 via Wiki Images

Emma Segrest

Screen Printing

Screen printing, critiqued for commercialization, became popular in the 20th century. Artists like Warhol used it for impactful, accessible art.

Martin U Waltz, The Reader

Madelyn Kenney

Urban Realism

Urban realism has shifted from city grandeur to personal experiences, resilience, and social commentary in art, literature, and photography.


Lily Frye

Did Helmut Newton Take Edgy Photography Too Far?

German photographer Helmut Newton, dubbed the “King of Kink,” was a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of modesty and embraced unconventionality in his work.

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus via Wikipedia

Jesslyn Low

Female Nudes

An analysis of female and male nudes in art, with a deep dive into one of the first female nudes painted by a female artist, and how they differ.

Quantum Waves

Madelyn Kenney

Art and Quantum Physics

Art and quantum physics merge to reveal the unseen, exploring the universe's possibilities through the lens of creativity and scientific inquiry.

Artist Sougwen Chung works in her Brooklyn studio. (Celeste Sloman for The Washington Post)

Louise Irpino

Robotics in Art

Robotics lies at the intersection of art and science; this article details the history and ethics of robotics in art and briefly examines three notable artists or works that feature...

The Fortune Teller (c.1630s) by Georges de La Tour. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S. Image source The Met (public domain)

Emma Livingston

Fortune Telling in Art History

Examine the enduring fascination with fortune-telling across art history, highlighting humanity's inherent desire to predict the unknown despite skepticism and controversy.


Taylor Hunt

Pin-Up Girls

The pin-up girl is one of the most recognizable figures of American culture. Although pin-up art was typically consumed by men in the mid-20th century, it was painted by several...

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu via The Allure of the

Louise Irpino

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Discover the works of Chinese conceptual artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, as well as the controversies surrounding their use of unconventional materials.

Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is put in place at the Rijksmuseum during 'Operation Night Watch.' Remko de Waal/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Madelyn Kenney

Art and True Crime

"The Night Watch" (1642) is one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings depicting the Militia Company of District II in the Netherlands. It has received multiple names due to the darkened...