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Taylor Hunt

Funerary Art

Funerary art offers a unique and captivating perspective on the human condition and our ceaseless fascination with the afterlife. The artistry that adorns graves, mausoleums, and memorial sites has served...

Martín Bernetti Vera, "La Última Frontera,”(The Last Frontier) posted by u/cubesato via Reddit

Taylor Hunt


The r/AccidentalRenaissance subreddit sees aspects of Renaissance art in everyday situations. It is a community dedicated to sharing and celebrating photography that unintentionally resembles paintings from various art movements between...

Graphic via ZBrushCentral

Rosella Parra

Artwork of the Rape of the Sabine Women

The rape and abduction of the Sabine women are some of Rome’s earliest atrocities in Roman history. Four different artists give their interpretation of the violent assaults through their artwork.

Image courtesy of ArtCast

Louise Irpino

The Grotesque, Religious Art of Hieronymus Bosch

An overview of the life of 15th-century Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch and an analysis of his most well-known triptychs.

Image courtesy of ThoughtCo

Rosella Parra


Gargoyles are Gothic architectural statues of stone that sit atop cathedrals and fortresses. While gargoyles have been known for their creepy and grotesque appearances for generations, their representations in film...


Lily Frye

War, Peace, and Art History

War’s ability to shift art movements is a glimpse into its unfathomable impact on society. Tragedy inspires, but so does peace. How have war and peace influenced the history of...

Woman with Unicorn, image is public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia

Emma Livingston

Unicorns in Art

Did you know unicorns have been associated with women and ideals of ‘purity’ for centuries? Read more to find out how the symbolism of unicorns has evolved through art.

The Battle of Amazon and Centaurs by Georgy Kurasov, 2013, image courtesy of GK studio

Emma Segrest

Art History Feuds: Michelangelo and Leonardo Da...

Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci had one of the greatest artistic feuds of all time that went on to inspire artists such as Georgy Kurasov.


Taylor Hunt

Timeless Timepieces: Watches in Art

Watches from a particular era or historical figure reflect unique aesthetics and values. At the same time that watches became a symbol of wealth, they were used in portraits and...

Triumph of Venus, François Boucher courtesy of Artsy

Janine Mae Dela Cueva

Baroque v. Rococo Art: What's the Difference?

Both Baroque and Rococo pieces feature ornate designs and plenty of gilded accents to elevate their elegance and sophistication. Yet, despite their similarities, the two movements distinguish themselves in their...