Peach Fuzz via ArchDaily

Emma Livingston

Pantone's Color of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute just announced Peach Fuzz as the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year. Delve into the exploration of this year’s standout color here.

021 Gallery storefront, image courtesy of gallery website.

Rebecca Levenson

021 Gallery at Art Miami 2023

Your Miami Art Week won't be complete without visiting 021 Gallery at Art Miami from Daegu, South Korea with participating artists Jaeha Lyu, Sanghm Choi, seon ghi BAHK, Doyeon Gwon,...

Martín Bernetti Vera, "La Última Frontera,”(The Last Frontier) posted by u/cubesato via Reddit

Taylor Hunt


The r/AccidentalRenaissance subreddit sees aspects of Renaissance art in everyday situations. It is a community dedicated to sharing and celebrating photography that unintentionally resembles paintings from various art movements between...

Hilary Pecis artwork via David Kordansky Gallery

Emma Livingston

Five Artists You Should Know

Each artist's distinct style and vision contribute to the ongoing dialogue of what art can be and how it can influence our perception of the world. Here are five artists...

Photo Credit: Dipo Doherty

Lily Frye

Burning Man 2023 Recap

A review of this year’s Burning Man event that, while showcasing fabulous and futuristic artwork, indeed ended with drama, flooding, and a massive horse installation.


Madelyn Kenney

The State of the Art Market

In 2021 and 2022, the art market experienced a climb in sales and revenue that soared well above post-pandemic figures. This year, that climb has slowed, and the market is...

AI Winning photo

Taylor Hunt

Promptography: 2023 Sony World Photography Awar...

Established in 2007 and organized by the World Photography Organisation, The Sony World Photography Awards are regarded as the most prestigious photography competitions around the globe. Every year, artists working...

Painting in Pantone's Color of the year

Emma Livingston

Viva la Viva Magenta: Pantone’s 2023 Color of t...

Cherry chapstick, red wine, a deep purple crayon, hibiscus flowers, and red onions each embody Viva Magenta, the 2023 Pantone color of the year. Which is, according to their website,...


Madelyn Kenney

Polluting Realism: the Benefits and Consequence...

Now, art can be perceived under multiple technological lenses, helping the world better understand the historical context of a piece while revolutionizing how it is presented in a public setting....


Rosella Parra

Vandalism Against the Sculpture Seated

Seated has had a miraculous journey, but the vandalism is still an act of discrimination against the Black community. Why are we still having issues with vandalism and racism? Why...