Yoko Ono via MoMA

Emma Segrest

Performance Art and Performing Arts: An Analysis

Performance art and performing arts may seem like interchangeable terms, but key differences distinguish the two and provide different outcomes from each medium.

Josué Bojorge is a Costa Rican professional MMA fighter who’s currently fighting for Lux Fight League and works at the MMA Costa Rica academy in San José, Costa Rica. Photo by Elizabeth Lang.

Elizabeth Lang

The Performative Art of Ballet and Mixed Martia...

Both ballet and mixed martial arts (MMA) are physically demanding forms of performance art that require intense training, discipline, and control of the body's movements. Josué Bojorge and Marisol Bagnarello...

L'Âge d’Or

Emma Segrest

Four Artists Who Experimented with Filmmaking

Whether you are looking to learn more about your favorite artist or searching for your next date-night movie, we cover four artists who experimented with films that will leave you...

Human Measure by Cassils Still Frame

Jesslyn Low

Dance, Visual Arts, and Activism

Art forms such as pop art, conceptual art, and performance art were gaining popularity. Among some of these art forms traction for artists to utilize dance in their works began...