Da Vinci sketch via Science History Institute

Rosella Parra

“Leonardo da Vinci: Inventor, Artist, Genius"

Explore Albuquerque, New Mexico's National Museum of Nuclear Science and History featured exhibit, "Leonardo da Vinci: Inventor, Artist, Genius.”

Jimini Hignett, Black Bourton Road, 2005 via Wikipedia

Jesslyn Low

Roadkill to Artwork

Death, in its myriad forms, is a ubiquitous theme present in art across time and location. The following artists offer a unique spin on morbidity, featuring roadkill in their work.

Delvaux, Night Train

Rosella Parra


Trains, evolving since their 1804 inception, remain vital in transport and art, influencing literature and paintings with themes of mystery and transition.


Jesslyn Low

Ukiyo-e and Kabuki

Dive into the history of the Japanese art form Ukiyo-e and its use in depicting the traditional theatrical form Kabuki in culture and art history.

Juan Gris, Pierrot, 1921 via Wikimedia

Jesslyn Low

Pierrot The Sad Clown

Pierrot, from naive Commedia dell'arte valet to complex icon, captures the evolving emotions and roles of the quintessential sad clown.

Frida Kahlo pictured with her work, Two Fridas, 1939 via

Lily Frye

Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portraits

Frida Kahlo's self-portraits reveal a unique journey of self-identity, shaped by trauma, culture, and femininity, securing her legacy.

Amphora with Ajax Carrying the Dead Achilles | The Walters Art Museum

Rosella Parra

Black Amphora Art

Black-figure amphora art in Ancient Greece depicted mythology and narratives, honoring customs and heroes through unique pottery techniques.

Jan van Helmont, Portrait of the sisters of the convent of the Black Canon Augustinian nuns of Antwerp, 1665 and 1714 via Wikipedia

Jesslyn Low

Nuns in Art History

The article discusses the history and contributions of nuns to the art world, highlighting their role as pioneers of female-made art in the Western world by leveraging the freedom and...

Primavera detail via Medium

Jesslyn Low

The Three Graces

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the depiction of the Three Graces across various art forms and periods, highlighting their evolution from classical representations to contemporary reimaginings that challenge...

Norman Rockwell in his studio

Louise Irpino

Norman Rockwell, Explained

An overview of the life and paintings of artist Norman Rockwell and an in-depth analysis of the impact of his work on American culture, including his "Rockwellesque" style, starting in...