Picasso portrait via Apollo Art

Taylor Hunt

Subtle Self-Portraits

Artists like Van Gogh and Picasso frequently painted self-portraits. Other artists subtly included hidden self-portraits in their work as a way to tell their story, demonstrate their power, and claim...

Hindu funerary ritual depiction via Choice Mutual

Rosella Parra

Funerary Customs in Art History

Every country, culture, and religion practices its own perception of burials. Many ancient cultures in Rome, Mesopotamia, Maya, and Egypt personify funerals and burials as a ritual full of celebration...

Rob Voerman, Tarnung #3, 2009, glass, Plexi-glass, wood, cardboard, a.o.m., Courtesy of Upstream Gallery. Installation view of “Modernisn as a Ruin,” at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.

Madelyn Kenney


Metamodernism in arts transcends postmodern irony, embracing authenticity and deep emotional connections, aiming to reflect on history and personal experiences amidst technological evolution.

The Fortune Teller (c.1630s) by Georges de La Tour. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S. Image source The Met (public domain)

Emma Livingston

Fortune Telling in Art History

Examine the enduring fascination with fortune-telling across art history, highlighting humanity's inherent desire to predict the unknown despite skepticism and controversy.

The Kiss closeup via Christies

Emma Segrest

7 Most Romantic Paintings

Artists worldwide have captured love on canvas for centuries, creating a deep bond between artists and viewers. Romance is a compelling theme in art, resonating with romantics and skeptics alike.


Taylor Hunt

Pin-Up Girls

The pin-up girl is one of the most recognizable figures of American culture. Although pin-up art was typically consumed by men in the mid-20th century, it was painted by several...

Frederic Remington, On The Southern Plains, 1907 via the MET

Emma Livingston

Cowboy Art

Explore "cowboy core," a trend romanticizing the Wild West in art, fashion, and media, while urging acknowledgment of its diverse, violent past and inclusion of marginalized histories.

Fredrich Overbeck

Jesslyn Low

"How I Love Being A Woman"

Here are six artworks that celebrate womanhood, ranging from the joy of girlhood friendships to the reimagining of classical art. It also touches on the trend's use in highlighting both...

Pogetto velvet work from the Velveteria collection in Black Velvet Masterpieces via Collectors Weekly

Taylor Hunt

Velvet Paintings

Although the art form is rich in history and skill, velvet paintings are unforgivably associated with bad taste and tacky vintage aesthetics.

Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is put in place at the Rijksmuseum during 'Operation Night Watch.' Remko de Waal/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Madelyn Kenney

Art and True Crime

"The Night Watch" (1642) is one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings depicting the Militia Company of District II in the Netherlands. It has received multiple names due to the darkened...