Taylor Hunt

Pin-Up Girls

The pin-up girl is one of the most recognizable figures of American culture. Although pin-up art was typically consumed by men in the mid-20th century, it was painted by several...

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu via The Allure of the

Louise Irpino

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Discover the works of Chinese conceptual artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, as well as the controversies surrounding their use of unconventional materials.

Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' is put in place at the Rijksmuseum during 'Operation Night Watch.' Remko de Waal/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Madelyn Kenney

Art and True Crime

"The Night Watch" (1642) is one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings depicting the Militia Company of District II in the Netherlands. It has received multiple names due to the darkened...

Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels by Jean Fouquet. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images via The Guardian

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Breast Milk

Explore the intersection of art and breastfeeding through various artworks created with breastmilk. Highlights include multimedia projects, performances, and provocative exhibits addressing societal views and the experiences of breastfeeding mothers.

The Great Sphinx of Giza photographed in May 2015 via Wikipedia

Rosella Parra

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx, one of Egypt’s iconic and historical architectural monuments, has been damaged due to erosion within its environment.

Keith Haring via The Atlantic

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: HIV/AIDS and Blood

Here’s a look at how artists use blood in their art to share their experiences living in a world with HIV/AIDS.

Julia Chiang, Spit Sweat Shhh, 2019 via Mutual Art (rotated)

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Spit and Sweat

Here’s a comprehensive look at how various artists have used spit and sweat as their medium and in their work to push artistic and social boundaries.

The Foxhole II_Digital Collage_Greenberg

Emma Segrest

Can An Artist Make A Livable Wage?

Explore the challenges and aspirations of modern artists in this article, highlighting the stark reality of the 'starving artist' myth, the pursuit of passion over stability, and the evolving landscape...

Body Tracks

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Blood

Explore the controversial and captivating world of art created with human and animal blood. This article delves into historical examples, controversy, and contemporary artists using blood as a medium. ti

Cover for our documentary [SPEAKING NON-ENGLISH] with Costa Rican model and artist Jenny Morris, who’s a Black trans woman.

Elizabeth Lang

PART IV: Bad Bunny’s Puerto Rican Cultural Empire

Jenny Morris is a Costa Rican Black trans woman who’s a self-taught model, artist, and muse. She manifests her muse identity through reggaeton and Bad Bunny’s relatable art and music....