Millie Brown

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Vomit

Explore these many artists' provocative use of vomit in art, examining its symbolism, impact, and grotesque unusuality to evoke strong emotions and commentary.

Seedbed Ramop

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Semen

A look at the use of semen in artworks and their role in perceptions of masculinity.

Grid Petri Pattern

Madelyn Kenney

Petri Dish Art

Petri dish art represents the intersection of art and microbiology, containing a rich history connected to the scientist who crucially advanced the understanding of medicine.

Graffiti in Athens, 2018, Image courtesy of Badseed (Public Domain)

Emma Livingston

Graffiti in Greece

Join writer Emma Livingston as she delves into a long-disputed art form after her recent trip to one of the most graffiti-dense cities in the world: Athens, Greece.

Photo Credit: Dipo Doherty

Lily Frye

Burning Man 2023 Recap

A review of this year’s Burning Man event that, while showcasing fabulous and futuristic artwork, indeed ended with drama, flooding, and a massive horse installation.

Courtesy of ArtNet news website.

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Feces

In the late 19th century, artists shifted away from traditional concepts of beauty in art and embraced the abject. Body fluids began to be used in art including the use...

Image courtesy of My Modern Met

Madelyn Kenney

Art and Identity

Artists hold the power to define how history remembers notable people. Artists often altered their clients’ appearance to elevate their prestige through grand portraits. Now we examine such portraits to...

Marc Chagall wedding

Taylor Hunt

Weddings in Art History

Explore the rich tapestry of weddings in art history, from Renaissance masterpieces to modern depictions. This article delves into the symbolism, traditions, and cultural shifts reflected in artistic representations of...

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Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Menstrual Blood

Menstruation is a normal biological process but throughout history, it has been a topic shrouded in shame. Since the 1980s, feminist artists have worked together to create art that aids...

Zodiac symbols graphic courtesy of Guru Lex

Emma Segrest

Zodiac Signs as Buildings

Each zodiac sign has an influential building that represents it. Read to see which famous building you are according to your zodiac sign.