Venus in ads

Taylor Hunt

Artwork in Advertisting

Artwork in advertising plays a significant role in capturing attention, conveying messages, and influencing consumer behavior. Artistic elements such as visuals, colors, typography, and composition are strategically employed to create...

Vince Kadlubek, CEO of Meow Wolf at the House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe.

Rosella Parra

Lawsuit Against Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf, one of the hottest interactive art exhibits in the West, has recently won a partial lawsuit against artist Lauren Adele Oliver, who sued Meow Wolf for using her...

Iconic stylist and designer Law Roach

Gigi Penn

Law Roach Retirement feat. Zendaya

On March 14, first-ever Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awarded celebrity stylist Law Roach announced his retirement on Instagram.

Keith Haring pictured at his Pop Shop in 1886

Emma Livingston

Is a Sweatshirt Just a Sweatshirt Anymore?: Kei...

Should artists continue dipping into an increasingly consumerist art world and collaborate with large companies? If so, should these companies be required to have equitable working conditions for employees and...