Elizabeth Lang

A Love Letter to Costa Rica – Documentary

“A Love Letter to Costa Rica” is a visual documentation of a four-day trip in paradise. It reflects the huge blessing it is to be born in such a beautiful...


Louise Irpino

The Artistic Roots of Sonny Angel

This article details the underlying historical parallels behind Sonny Angels’ cherubic virality and their connection with the beloved Kewpie character.

Mind others_Steel, Monitor_80x80cm_2023

Rebecca Levenson

021 Gallery: Jaeha Lyu <눈치 Mind others> ongoing...

021 Gallery is hosting Jaeha Lyu's solo exhibition <눈치 Mind others> ‘ongoing overthrough’ from October 24th, 2023 to January 25th, 2024.

The Foxhole II_Digital Collage_Greenberg

Emma Segrest

Can An Artist Make A Livable Wage?

Explore the challenges and aspirations of modern artists in this article, highlighting the stark reality of the 'starving artist' myth, the pursuit of passion over stability, and the evolving landscape...

Feature image Houndstooth pattern via Adobe Stock

Madelyn Kenney

The Origins and Influence Houndstooth in Fashion

Discover Houndstooth's journey in fashion, from Scottish origins to haute couture symbol. Explore its impact, designer adaptations, and modern resurgence.

Body Tracks

Jesslyn Low

Body Fluids in Art: Blood

Explore the controversial and captivating world of art created with human and animal blood. This article delves into historical examples, controversy, and contemporary artists using blood as a medium. ti

Reading Pavillion, Jinhua Architecture Park, Herzog & de Meuron, Jihua, China, 2006. Photograph by Addison Godel via AnOther Magazine

Louise Irpino

What is Brutalism?

No other architectural style is more polarizing among laypeople and architects alike than brutalism. A style born out of utilitarianism, its mark is instantly recognizable with its towering, nondescript, yet...

021 Gallery storefront, image courtesy of gallery website.

Rebecca Levenson

021 Gallery at Art Miami 2023

Your Miami Art Week won't be complete without visiting 021 Gallery at Art Miami from Daegu, South Korea with participating artists Jaeha Lyu, Sanghm Choi, seon ghi BAHK, Doyeon Gwon,...

Cover for our documentary [SPEAKING NON-ENGLISH] with Costa Rican model and artist Jenny Morris, who’s a Black trans woman.

Elizabeth Lang

PART IV: Bad Bunny’s Puerto Rican Cultural Empire

Jenny Morris is a Costa Rican Black trans woman who’s a self-taught model, artist, and muse. She manifests her muse identity through reggaeton and Bad Bunny’s relatable art and music....

BBDragYoPerreoSolaMain.png. Frame from Bad Bunny’s music video “Yo Perreo Sola,” where he appears in drag. Via Bad Bunny’s YouTube.

Elizabeth Lang

PART III: Bad Bunny’s Puerto Rican Cultural Empire

Bad Bunny built his own Puerto Rican cultural empire by disrupting the United States’ cultural economy with his music and art in Spanish from the streets of Latin America. Here’s...